Grousbeck: Plan is to win title with Rondo, Stevens

Grousbeck: Plan is to win title with Rondo, Stevens
July 5, 2013, 10:45 am
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WALTHAM, MA — The relationship between Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics' new head coach Brad Stevens will be an ongoing storyline this season.

The first page of their story began with a conversation yesterday, the first between the four-time all-star and the 36-year-old rookie head coach.

And while some might see the sometimes combustable point guard a potential problem for the college-to-the-pros Stevens, the C's brass remains committed to believing this partnership will work.

Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck was not privy to the particulars shared between Rondo and Stevens.

Some of the game's elite players of the past have bristled at the idea of being the core piece of a team that's rebuilding, but Grousbeck believes Rondo wants to be part of the C's resurgence efforts.

"I have absolutely no doubt Rajon Rondo wants to win another banner with the Celtics," Grousbeck told "And with this coach is the plan."

Grousbeck added, "It's clear what way we're going here. And I'm very confident Rondo will be a huge part of it."

Rondo, who suffered a torn right ACL injury on Jan. 25 at Atlanta and is targeting a return in time for training camp, will indeed be the focal point of the C's both on the floor and inside the locker room.

And while there have been a slew of negative reports about Rondo which include issues dating back as far as two years that he had with former C's coach Doc Rivers, Grousbeck says much of such talk isn't true.

"I believe his press is far more negative than justified," Grousbeck said. "There's absolutely no truth to at least half the stuff that's out there. I know him as well as anybody on this team."