Felger: Ainge 'could have buried' Rondo absence

Felger: Ainge 'could have buried' Rondo absence
February 26, 2014, 2:00 am
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Much has been made about Rajon Rondo missing the Celtics' game Saturday night - unexcused - to instead celebrate his birthday in Los Angeles where the Celtics played the night before.

Rondo was not scheduled to play that night, so the thinking is that he figured he didn't have to attend.

But Rondo was named captain earlier this season, and with that title comes more responsibilities. Celtics legend and WEEI Celtics analyst Cedric Maxwell doesn't think it's a big deal, while CSNNE's Mike Felger thinks opposite of Maxwell.

"You keep talking about he missed the game," Maxwell said to Felger. "Well the fact that he was not going to play in that game, and players now have a tendency- I'm sorry Felger but it's a new league now, it is very different how players go and do what they want to do. But I am not defending Rondo. If, in fact, he did not get permission from the coach, and the coach needs to know where he's at, I think that there will be some kind of punishment."

Felger thinks that what Rondo did flies in the face of what Celtics fans have been preaching all season about keeping a winning culture in Boston even if the team isn't good.

"It's about Rajon Rondo, you put a 'C' on his jersey to act a certain way," Felger said. "Look, I've heard a lot from your Green Teamers this year and that is you don't want to tank because you want to instill a winning culture, you want to instill a professional culture. You want to teach these guys how to do it the right way . . . Now your captain blows off a game for his birthday and it's not a big deal. You can't have it both ways, Max."

Felger also points out that Celtics GM Danny Ainge could have made this into less of a deal, but instead chose to say that Rondo's absence was inexcused and that he'll be talking with him about it.