Celtics Talk TV: Evaluating Year One of Brad Stevens

Celtics Talk TV: Evaluating Year One of Brad Stevens
April 1, 2014, 10:00 pm
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When talking about Brad Stevens, you have to take the Celtics record and throw it out the window.

The fact is, with the talent on this roster, not even Red Auerbach could have got many more wins out of this season.

Stevens is in his first season as the C's head coach - and first season as an NBA head coach - and you won't find much complaining from Kyle Draper, Rich Leivine, or A. Sherrod Blakely about the job he's done so far.

"I think he's fared well," Levine said on CSNNE.com's Celtics Talk TV. "He has no expectations and I think that's always nice as a coach. Things will change when people start expecting them to win a little more. But overall I don't know how you can really be upset. The thing that I love is the defense. He doesn't have a center. There's no rim protection for this team yet he has them playing average defense . . . they're the best three-point defenders in the NBA. He's got them buying in to his system and now all he needs is some talent."

Talent is due to come in the NBA Draft - and could also come via a trade in the offseason, as the Celtics have young talent, expiring deals, and draft picks to work with.

But until then, Stevens will have to do the best with what he has - and in some cases, less than what he had when he started.

"When he has been able to have guys step their game up, they got traded," Blakely said. "Jordan Crawford, Courtney Lee - two examples of that. But when you look at the development of their young bigs, you look at the fact that Rajon Rondo is getting back to being that All-Star caliber player. The future definitely looks bright when you look at those guys and all those picks they have coming."

Blakely goes on to say that when you watch the way this Celtics team competes based on what they're working with and where they stand, it speaks to the way Stevens has gotten them to play.