Buckley: Danny put together too-good a team

Buckley: Danny put together too-good a team
November 17, 2013, 10:15 pm
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A recent three game losing streak for the Boston Celtics is more of what was expected out of this team.

Michael Felger, Chris Gasper and Steve Buckley discussed on Sports Sunday the reason behind why the Celtics should tank this season.

“It’s just one of the NBA laws of nature, if you’re not in Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, you have to be bad to be good,” Gasper said. “It’s a reality. You have to be bad to be good in the NBA, unless you’re in a certain market where you can jump the line with a premiere free agent. That market is not Boston.”

While many look at the Celtics’ roster for them to tank, Buckley thinks Danny Ainge put together a team that is too-good to tank.

“Only one person can tank and that is the guy who assembles the roster,” Buckley said. “You can’t expect NBA players to tank. You can’t bring in a bright young coach like [Brad] Stevens. You can’t expect him to tank. This is all on Danny. Danny put together too-good a team.”