What's the over/under on B's - Pens fights?

What's the over/under on B's - Pens fights?
May 27, 2013, 8:15 pm
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As everyone in Boston patiently awaits the announcement of the Eastern Conference Finals schedule between the Bruins and the Penguins, the UNO Sports Tonight crew decided to play a game of Over/Under to preview the upcoming series. 

Lou Merloni sat down with Rich Levine, Dan Shaughnessy and Kevin Paul Dupont to predict the amount of goals scored by both Torey Krug and Sidney Crosby, as well as the amount of fights that they expect to see in the series. 

But, there's little expectation that the two teams will exceed the 2.5 line placed on them dropping the gloves. In fact, Dupont doesn't expect to see any fighting at all. 

“I think it just disappears entirely now," Dupont said. "The history of the playoffs, they don't do it, and I don't see that Pittsburgh has to engage at all.”

When asked if the Penguins have any players that will actually be willing to throw down, Dupont said, “They've got some guys but no one who's really pronounced in terms of their counterpart to [Shawn] Thornton. They've built it on skill, top to bottom.”

Check out the video above to see what else Dupont and Co. predicted for this series and share your thoughts in the comment box below.