Thornton: Tired is just a state of mind

Thornton: Tired is just a state of mind
May 14, 2013, 11:00 am
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The Bruins have run themselves ragged over the last few months. They've dealt with the condensed NHL schedule, and then with the opportunity to finish the Leafs in five games, their first-round series went to overtime in the seventh game.

No one would fault them for being tired, but veteran forward Shawn Thornton said now's no time for that.

"I think this time of year, tired is just a state of mind," Thornton said. "I think you can really fight through it. You can be tired tomorrow or the next day. That's my personal opinion."

The Bruins have lucked out in that their second-round series with the Rangers doesn't start until Thursday. With a couple of days off, Thornton says he expects the team to return well-rested.

"We played a lot of hockey last little bit of the year, played a lot of hockey in these playoffs so far," Thornton said. "[We have to] take these couple of days . . . get our rest, get refreshed, and get back to work. There's no choice but to be refreshed."