Thornton: Gave Marchand 'hard time' on pronunciation

Thornton: Gave Marchand 'hard time' on pronunciation
November 13, 2013, 12:00 am
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Mike Felger and Gary Tanguay kick it with Bruins tough guy Shawn Thornton for a bit on the set of Sports Tonight.

The discussion turns to Brad Marchand the correct pronunciation of his last name - Mar-chand (not Mar-chahnd).

"We heard about it through other people eventually. So I asked him. Growing up, because he played in the Quebec league, people turned it into Mar-chahnd, but originally it was Mar-chand, so he's like, 'I finally felt like I was at a point where I could finally voice my opinion on this.' I gave him a hard time, I said it was just because he wasn't scoring goals, he was deflecting."

The guys also ask Thornton who the best player he's ever played with was. He said it was Scott Niedermayer in Anaheim.

"He was a special breed," Thornton said of Niedermayer. "You'd watch him play 35 minutes and he'd come off the ice and he wasn't even sweating. He made it look so easy. He was so good."