Report: Stars to have sitdown with Seguin

Report: Stars to have sitdown with Seguin
July 7, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Tyler Seguin's career in Dallas apparently hasn't gotten off to the best start.

A homphobic tweet, which was quickly deleted, appeared on the former Bruins forward's feed Saturday night that he says was sent by a "hacker." He immediately responded to the situation.

As a result, Seguin told his followers Sunday that he plans to temporarily shut down his account.

On Sunday night, Seguin deleted his Twitter account altogether.

Stars GM Jim Nill spoke with the Dallas Morning News in response to the tweet, and says he plans to have a sitdown with the 21-year-old to figure what's going on with him off the ice.

“My problem with social media is you just don’t know how much of it is true,” Nill told the Dallas Morning News. “I think, as a society, we are trained to believe 100 percent of it is true, and that’s obviously not the case. It’s difficult to validate how things might happen, whether someone was truly hacked, or just what might have happened. I can’t go off hearsay, I need to ask questions.”

The Stars also released a statement Sunday, saying that “In no way, shape or form does the Dallas Stars organization condone or agree with the message that was sent out through Tyler Seguin’s Twitter feed last night. We’ve addressed the issue directly with Tyler and we’ll continue to work on educating our players regarding the importance of their conduct on all forms of social media.”

The Bruins dealt Seguin to the Stars in a 4th of July blockbuster on Thursday. And aside from the in-game struggles, multiple reports have said Seguin's immaturity and party lifestyle off the ice was a key reason for his departure.

Since the trade, more rumors have surfaced about Seguin's off-ice habits and the Bruins' feeling towards them, including a report from the Boston Herald Friday that said the Bruins ordered Seguin to live in a hotel and hired a guard to monitor him and stop his partying ways during the season. Seguin's mom, Jackie, angrily denied the reports to the Toronto Star, calling her son "professional" and claiming that Tyler spent a majority of the Cup Finals in Boston with his father, Paul. 

Regardless of what is true, it was clear that Seguin had some growing up to do, and the Bruins weren't ready to wait for that to happen. And apparently the trade wasn't enough of a wake-up call for him.