Krug responds with confidence in Game 2

Krug responds with confidence in Game 2
June 16, 2013, 3:45 pm
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BOSTON -- There was a lot of talk about Torey Krug's game-changing turnover in the third period of Game 1, which led to Chicago's second goal of the game, and cut Boston's lead to 3-2.

You know how the rest of the game played out. The Blackhawks later tied it at 3-3, and won in triple overtime.

Bruins coach Claude Julien remained confident in Krug and kept him in the lineup for Game 2, hoping that Krug would remain confident in himself, which has been one of his biggest assets throughout his playoff success.

Krug answered just as Julien had hoped.

"Extremely well," said the Bruins' coach of Krug's response Saturday night. "He didn't lose any confidence. Again, you look at last night, he pushed the puck up the middle again, was able to come back, nothing came out of it.  But, you know, his game continued to go in the right direction. I thought he was good at moving pucks. I remember just I think before one of the goals, he kept the puck in. He was being pinched. He squeezed along the wall, made a great play, kept it going in the offensive zone.

"So he doesn't lack confidence," added Julien. "That's what I want from that young player. Don't lack confidence. The odd mistake, I know it's the Cup Finals, but there's mistakes made in the Cup Finals like anywhere else."

One thing that the Bruins' coaching staff stresses to their younger puck-moving defensemen like Krug, Matt Bartkowski and Dougie Hamilton is don't play with the fear of making mistakes, even after they happen.

Krug's failed attempt to clear the puck out of his own end in Game 1 led to a Chicago goal that completely changed the game. But in Game 2, Krug was right back out there, playing with the confidence he's shown all postseason. 

"I thought he handled himself well after some of the heat he was taking from the outside for that mistake in Game 1," said Julien. "We talked about it. I wanted him to go out there and play with the same confidence he always has. He answered that."