Felger: Team USA looked like Pittsburgh Penguins

Felger: Team USA looked like Pittsburgh Penguins
February 24, 2014, 1:45 am
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You saw two different Team USA hockey teams in this year's Olympics.

In their first couple games, USA came to play - and win - beating Russia in a shootout, too. Again they looked good in their 5-2 win over Czech Republic.

But it all came crashing down when it really counted. The US lost to Canada 1-0 in the semifinals, and then got smoked by Finland in the bronze medal game. 5-0.

Mike Felger and Kevin Paul Dupont were disgusted by what they saw from Team USA.

"I was mesmerized how lackluster they were, mesmerized and disappointed," Dupont said. "Poor effort, no jam, no fight, everything as a jingoistic American you want to see. If you're going to lose, OK, lose, but leave it out there."

Felger called it a "huge failure", stating that Americans are as a whole much better at hockey than they ever have been. There's no reason to lose like they did.

"If we were an NHL team, we'd look at the coach," Felger said.

Dan Bylsma coached Team USA, and according to them didn't do a good job of it

"I'm saying to myself, 'Engage with these guys. Breathe some fire. Let's see some fire in the belly out of you. Call a timeout, lash into them.' But between Bylsma and Peter Laviolette . . . it just wasn't there," Dupont said.

Perhaps what plagued Bylsma's pro team also plagued his USA team.

"Didn't Team USA look strikingly like the Pittsburgh Penguins last year in the Eastern Conference Finals?" Felger said. "Ton of offense, ton of goal-scoring, slide through the tournament, until they meet that real strong resistance, and then they lose in four games. That's the Pittsburgh Penguins, and that's what Team USA looked like here at the end. When it's that bad you have to blame somebody, and I'm starting with the coach."