Felger: Should fans be positive after Cup loss?

Felger: Should fans be positive after Cup loss?
June 26, 2013, 12:30 am
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In the wake of the Bruins crushing Game 6 defeat to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final, is it better to look at the fact that the team let it all slip away with two goals in 17 seconds or to celebrate a squad that fought its way to the brink of a championship?

That was the question Mike Felger and the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont set about answering on Uno Sports Tonight.

Dupont felt the agony should be suppressed by the effort of the B's.

"There's the natural hangover first of all of witnessing the cup in the building and living it for seven or eight weeks, I think anybody who was fixed with the team comes away from it just feeling drained," Dupont said. "But I think philosophically, if you can take that step back, you're pleased."

Felger found further positives in a losing series.

"The Bruins played so much better in the playoffs and in this round than they did during the regular season, it's not even funny. If you really step back and the way we watched this team through March and we said to you that they are going to be deep into the Stanley Cup Final, we would say, there's no freaking way."

Click on the video link above to see the pair's thoughts on this and the costly mistakes that lost the Bruins Game 6.