Who's the bigger fraud: A-Rod or Ryan Braun?

Who's the bigger fraud: A-Rod or Ryan Braun?
August 23, 2013, 11:45 pm
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It's a depressing game if you're a fan of the Brewers, Yankees or the total sanctity of Major League Baseball, but who is the larger fraud among this pair: Ryan Braun or Alex Rodriguez?

That is the question Steve Buckley, Rob Hardy and Greg Dickerson took a swing at Friday on Uno Sports Tonight. 

Buckley went the less obvious route, arguing Braun's actions deserve more infamy.

"I say Ryan Braun just because, I know A-Rod's the poster child, but to bring anti-Semitism into this is something even A-Rod wouldn't do," Buckley said. "And I find that unforgivable and dangerous."

Hardy wasn't willing to overlook Braun's intense wrongdoings, but he took the more conventional believe in stigmatizing A-Rod more in this scenario.

"I still think A-Rod is the bigger fraud because at least Braun cut a deal and at least he admitted to it, the anti-Semitism thing is in my mind is even more disgusting than lying about PED usage," Hardy said. "But if you're talking about the most fraudulent person in this, I still think it's A-Rod because he still hasn't admitted to any wrongdoing."

That made the score 1-1. How would Dickerson break the tie? The host decided in Hardy's favor, but made clear Braun's actions were nearly as despicable as A-Rod's.

"I think it's A-Rod but I don't think the distance is as much as I once thought it would be," Dickerson said. "I mean [in Braun's case] if you're going to apologize, how about a real apology? How about a press conference? How about you go to that gentleman's house? How about you go to the guy that delivered the sample and really apologize to him as opposed to floating out one of your flunkies out there and write something for you."

Who do you think is the bigger fraud?