Shaughnessy: Sox have a 'path to the ALCS'

Shaughnessy: Sox have a 'path to the ALCS'
September 28, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Things are getting a little dicey in when it comes to the American League Wild Card race.

The Baseball Show panel discussed whether or not the Indians are the best team for the Sox to play in the first round.

Dan Shaughnessy believes the Indians create the best matchup for the Red Sox, but he also thinks it might not matter with the possibility of more tiebreakers looming.

"I do, but it shouldn't matter too much." explained Dan Shaughnessy, "The Red Sox are going so great.  I know you don't want to count your chickens before they're hatched, and all that stuff."

"It's so teed up to move forward… We're looking at now, almost a likelihood of a one game playoff for the wildcard that someone is going to have to play twice before they get here on Friday, it could be three."

After the potential tiebreakers and the Wild Card round takes place, the Red Sox will have a significant advantage.

"You're going to get a wounded team that's had to play through Sunday and then play one, or two more hanging off the cliff games.  Then they come in here where the Red Sox are just waiting to crush you with this rotation." Said Shaughnessy

If the dominoes fall the way that Shaughnessy believes they will, the Red Sox have a chance to go far.

"The Sox have this path to the ALCS if they just take care of business."