Peavy likes duck boat ride so much, he buys boat

Peavy likes duck boat ride so much, he buys boat
November 2, 2013, 9:00 pm
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The Red Sox were overwhelmed with their reception from the fans as they celebrated their championship on Saturday with the traditional duck boat parade.

In fact, pitcher Jake Peavy was so taken with his duck boat ride in the rolling rally, he bought the boat.

The Red Sox tweeted Saturday that Peavy had purchased the green duck boat that he and World Series pitching hero Jon Lester rode in the champs' victory parade through Boston. Peavy confirmed the purchase with this tweet:

Peavy, acquired from the Chicago White Sox in the mideseason deal that sent shortstop Jose Iglesias to the Detroit Tigers won four games in 10 regular season starts for Boston. He made three starts in the postseason, including Game 3 of the World Series.

It's not the first unusual purchase for Peavy as a member of the Red Sox. Earlier this season, he bought a cigar store Indian on a road trip in San Francisco and placed it in the Sox clubhouse as a good luck charm. He said during the drive to the playoffs that the Indian was going to ride in his duck boat in the parade after the Red Sox won the World Series.

Fellow Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster called his parade experience "breathtaking."

Sox outfielder/first baseman Mike Carp said, "To see the city erupt like that? It's one thing to win it at Fenway, but that was pretty special."

"Amazing," Dempster said after his boat completed its round trip back to Fenway Park. "I dreamed of winning the World Series since I was a little kid but nothing compared to that parade right there."