Obama on Uehara: 'The gift that keeps on giving'

Obama on Uehara: 'The gift that keeps on giving'
November 5, 2013, 1:00 pm
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President Obama may be a White Sox fan, but he can appreciate talent on other teams.

Like David Ortiz.

"I did not anticipate Ortiz batting .700" in the World Series, Mr. Obama told Red Sox manager John Farrell in a phone call congratulating Farrell on the Sox' winning the championship. "That, I gotta admit. I missed that one."

He admired Red Sox closer Koji Uehara's efforts this October as well.

"Turned out to be a gift that kept on giving," Obama said. "That guy was incredible."

Before hanging up, he had some advice for the Sox manager:

"Enjoy yourself. Get a little bit of rest. I know you probably already have to think about next season, but let it soak in a little."

And he also told Farrell that the Sox' title made a lot of people on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue very happy:

"I suspect that if a poll was taken in the White House, Red Sox fans would predominate. My White House photographer, my press secretary . . . for some reason, we just got a lot of Sox fans here.

"They're not the right color Sox, from my perspective," he joked.