McAdam on who Sox want, A's or Tigers?

McAdam on who Sox want, A's or Tigers?
October 10, 2013, 1:30 am
Share This Post's Red Sox insider Sean McAdam joins Jessica Moran of "SportsNet Central" to discuss who would be a better matchup for the Red Sox. The Tigers or the A's?

The Red Sox split six games with the A's in the regular season and went 3-4 against the Tigers.

McAdam points out with the A's and Tigers playing Game 5 of their series late Thursday on the West Coast, the winner will have to fly to Boston for the ALCS opener Saturday and could be a tired team coming to Fenway Park.

What the Red Sox can't like about the Tigers is their solid starting pitching, with Justin Verlander now their second-best starter behind Max Scherzer.

What the Sox could like is the problems in the back end of Detroit's bullpen and the fact that MVP Miguel Cabrera is banged up,

As for the A's, they are team with a $50 million payroll that doesn't know it's not supposed to get this far, says McAdam. They play with that kind of chip on their shoulder, much like the Tampa Bay Rays. They're deep and versatile.

What's good for the Sox about the A's is that the lack that big game-changer in the middle of their lineup.