Buchholz responds to questioning of toughness

Buchholz responds to questioning of toughness
September 14, 2013, 2:30 pm
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As the season rolled on without Clay Buchholz, his toughness was being called into question by fans and media personalities.

Now, Buchholz is back.

Trenni Kusnierek got a chance to sit down with the Red Sox right-hander to ask him how he felt about his season.

"I think everybody has an opinion, everyone has a right to their own opinion." said Buchholz, "If I didn't want to pitch being 9-0 and having the best season I ever thought I was going to have to start off in the big leagues… I would've just went home."

When it comes to his toughness, Buchholz knew that he wouldn't have been quite as effective if he pitched through the injury.

"I don't mind pitching with a little pain, but if I have to alter my delivery or the velocity that I throw with, I'm not going to be the same pitcher as I was at the beginning of the season.  So I wanted to not necessarily be one-hundred percent physically, but I wanted to be able to throw without thinking I was going to have any setback from throwing.

"Fortunately I'm going to be able to make a couple more starts before the end of the season to try to get back into the form that I was."