Minihane: Ortiz a "spoiled, whiny baby"

Minihane: Ortiz a "spoiled, whiny baby"
June 20, 2014, 10:00 pm
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"[Joe Torre] finally slapped down the biggest spoiled whiny baby on God’s green Earth." - Kirk Minihane

David Ortiz made it clear he believes official scorers should side with players from the home team. 

On Friday, Joe Torre, Major League Baseball's Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations, issued a public scolding. 

Kirk Minihane is joined by Bob Ryan and Lou Merloni on Arbella Early Edition to discuss Ortiz's comments and Torre's reaction. 

"Thank you, Joe Torre," says Minihane. "This is better than the four World Series. This is better than the MVP. This is the greatest moment in your life. You can die now a complete man. You finally slapped down the biggest spoiled whiny baby on God’s green Earth. Joe Torre, I salute you.” 

"[Ortiz is] enabled by ownership. He’s enabled by a great majority of the media. He’s enabled by the fans. And I totally believe that he believes that the scorekeeper is there to help him. Why wouldn’t he believe that? He’s had his [butt] kissed by everybody.”  

The crew was unanimous in their support of Torre's response.

"He had to do this,” says Merloni. "He’s got to protect the integrity of all home scorers.” 

Merloni says he understands Ortiz's competitive nature and says most players want each and every hit to which they feel they're entitled. He has no problem with Ortiz feeling that he deserves those calls at home, but he shouldn't say it.

"One hit matters to everybody," says Merloni. "You live in every moment. 

“He goes public too much. I wish he would shut up. I really do. But privately, those conversations, if you have them privately, he’s usually right about all of them. But people don’t need to hear it.”

Ryan says the problem isn't even that Ortiz made a stink about the call in question, it was the timing. The play, on which it was ruled Ortiz reached first base due to an error instead of a hit, came in a 0-0 game, a time when Ryan says Ortiz should’ve been focused on the game.

“What does that tell us about him?" asked Ryan.

Ortiz offered no response to Torre's public rebuke.

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