Minihane & Merloni play 'What would Tanguay Do'

Minihane & Merloni play 'What would Tanguay Do'
June 21, 2014, 12:00 pm
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Lou & Kirk each do their best Tanguay's hot takes.

Repeat after me, in a deep baritone, of course: "Yeeeeeeessss!"

What would Tanguay do? That's what Lou Merloni and Kirk Minihane are thinking as they fill in for Gary as the host of Arbella Early Edition.

Here are their predictions on Gary's hot takes on the following issues:

Wrongful death suit of Aaron Hernandez's victims against the Patriots: Merloni (as Tanguay) says, "Guilty. They should be stripped of their Super Bowls! They knew everything about him!"

Mininhane's Tanguay take: "They should be kicked out of the league. Tear down Gillette Stadium."

Greg Bedard being upset with the media blowing his 'Playbook-gate' story out of proportion: Minihane says, "What a sensitive little child. What is he, 3-years-old?"

Pat Riley calling out LeBron James: Minihane says Gary would say: "[LeBron] is not as good as Jeff Green. He's not as good as David Thirdkill." Merloni (as Tanguay) says, "LeBron James is a joke. The NBA is a joke. He's not one of the greatest. He's one of the worst players ever. "