You're still lame, Miami


You're still lame, Miami

Even when Miami's winning, it still manages to lose.

The Heat are up 2-0 on Boston in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Last night, BronBron and the rest managed to withstand several Celtics rallies to clinch the win. Must have been because of the support of their fans:

Wow. Okay, so that's... wow.

Seat sheets? Is that what they're called? I'm being serious. I mean, I understand why you did it, Miami, but this isn't going to trick anybody into thinking that your arena was totally full. It might be a playoff game, but I don't know, maybe it's really my grandma's sitting room.

And, word to the wise: you're dealing with Boston. Do not give Bay Staters a reason to make fun of you. It will all be ugly, sometimes nonsensical, but definitely hurtful. Oh, and, losing only makes them more mean. So just stop it.