Youk looking for a hit


Youk looking for a hit

The mustachioed man to your right is Kevin Youkilis, in happier times.

But these days, the future Mr. Brady has little to smile about. (Well, aside from the fact that he's the future Mr. Brady.)

Now 33, Youkilis is coming off one of the most trying (physically and mentally) seasons of his career. He's even fresher off an unimpressive spring, and appears to be in a fight for his job as the Red Sox every day third baseman.

That's not to say that Youk will disappear. You have to imagine that he'll still be out there more often than he's not. But with the success that the Sox line-up had with Nick Punto leading off and playing third combined with Bobby V.'s special brand of quirkiness you know that Shredder Punto's going to find his way back into the line-up, and Yousually at Youk's expense.

So, what's best for Youkilis moving forward? Well, for starters, it would be nice if he got a hit.

After three games, he's the only Sox position player without one.

Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez and (naturally) Ryan Sweeney are tied for the team lead with 5.

Pedroia, Aviles and Punto have three. Ellsbury has two. And Saltalamacchia, Ross, Shoppach and McDonald each have one hit.

And then there's Youk.

Still waiting to get off the snide.

Here's hoping he gets on the board tonight, so that maybe we can see that smile on more time.

And would it be too much to bring back the 'stache?

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