What will become of Mr. Met?


What will become of Mr. Met?

By Adam Hart

Feel for Fred Wilpon & Co., majority owners of the New York Mets. They owe some cash, possibly 1 billion worth.

The group is a victim of Bernie Madoff's ridiculously expansive Ponzi scheme. The worst kind of victim, too, because it was originally a beneficiary -- the 300-million-profit-while-others-got-bilked kind, reportedly.

Sure, charitable foundations and common folk were crippled by Madoff's theft. The mastermind's son also took his own life in shame. But the Wilpons now seem interested -- if not financially required to, thanks to a lawsuit seeking to recoup the 300 million and then some -- in selling off a minority interest in the Mets. How were they supposed to know their pockets were lined with filthy Ponzi money? It's not like they previously pulled out of a similar deal.

No, that's a lie. They did.

But what are they supposed to do, give back money already spent on Jason Bay and a new stadium? It's just not fair!

"You don't like to lose money that is just stolen from you," Fred 'Old Man' Wilpon said with great irony before getting dressed up for Halloween. "But the betrayal by Madoff is something I'll never, ever forget . . . We were investors for something like 25 years."

Yeah! They were allegedly making money off poor suckers for something like 25 years.

See? Totally not fair. Like, everything would be fine if his BFF Madoff simply didn't get caught; the Wilpons would still be splishing and splashing in a pool of other people's dollars -- hard-earned, unknowingly-lost dollars.

Thankfully, a charitable fund benefiting the Wilpons has been set up at:


It has a certain ring to it.

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