Wakeup Call: Sox interested in Victorino and Martin?


Wakeup Call: Sox interested in Victorino and Martin?

Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, November 27.

It certainly is a seller's market if Shane Victorino has seven suitors, including the Red Sox. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

And why are the Sox in on Russell Martin?? (Hardball Talk)

Looks like Evan Longoria is going to be a career Ray. (AP)

It's official: Old friend DeMarlo Hale's heading to Toronto as bench coach. (AP)

You wouldn't think Rob Deer's all-or-nothing-at-all approach is something Theo Epstein wants for the Cubs . . . but you'd be wrong. (CSN Chicago)

Not a bad haul for four nights' work: The Giants' winning World Series share is 377,003. (AP)

It isn't even December yet, and already we have a big game on tap. (AP)

Alabama will have to take on Georgia -- and maybe Notre Dame -- without deep threat Kenny Bell, who has a broken leg. (AP)

Bob Stoops says he's happy at Oklahoma and isn't looking to go anywhere else. In coach-speak, that usually means, "Make me an offer." (AP)

Forget it, says Todd Bertuzzi. It's over. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

Alex Ovechkin is angry that Capitals teammates Roman Hamrlik and Michal Neuvirth have gone off the NHLPA reservation, saying the only way the players will get a fair deal is if they stick together. (CSN Washington)

In Big Baby World, Jacque Vaughn is Gandhi and Doc Rivers is . . . who? Patton, maybe? (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Exciting start to the Brooklyn-New York rivalry, don't you think? (AP)

The Bulls hit rock bottom, blowing a 27-point, third-quarter lead -- to Milwaukee's reserves, no less -- in dropping a 93-92 decision to the Bucks. (CSN Chicago)

The Wizards finally played down to their record last night. (CSN Washington)

Yes, you read it right: That was a 64-24 halftime lead Oklahoma City built over Charlotte en route to a 114-69 pasting of the Bobcats. (AP)

The Rockets will be attending Sasha McHale's funeral as a team on Wednesday. (CSN Houston)

It isn't often the Giants' Martellus Bennett gets to tap "into my inner superhero, which I do have". But after Sunday's win over the Packers, he "did the righteous thing" and caught a fan who had tumbled out of the MetLife stands, saving him from serious injury. "Im usually a ninja," Bennett explained, "but my Spidey-senses told me he was going to take a fall, so I saved his life."  To quote my friend Bill Reynolds: They didn't make two of you, Martellus. (NBC's Off The Bench)

That's seven straight losses -- and counting -- for the Eagles. (AP)

Remember when Jeffrey Lurie said an 8-8 record would probably cost Andy Reid his job? Well, 8-8 is the best the Eagles can do this year . . . but Reid says he and the owner haven't discussed his future. (CSN Philly)

Brent Celek says the Eagles' struggles are probably a source of great amusement to other teams in the league. He knows if he played somewhere else, he'd be laughing. (CSN Philly)

Um, those announcements that Ray Lewis would miss the rest of the season? Never mind. (CSN Baltimore)

Speaking of the Ravens, they're still talking about fourth-and-29. (CSN Baltimore)

The Texans' exasperation with the NFL's discipline procedure -- sparked when first-time offender Tim Dobbins was relieved of 30,000 for a hit on Jay Cutler that even Cutler said was clean -- resurfaced when it was announced that serial clown Ndamukong Suh wouldn't be suspended and only "might" be fined for his kick at Matt Schaub's boy parts on Thanksgiving. (CSN Houston)

Tom Brady's BFF, Richard Sherman, and fellow Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner are in complete denial mode over their reported impending suspensions for PED use. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Eric Wright, on the other hand, fesses up and takes his four games like a man. (AP)

The latest concussed quarterback: Brandon Weeden. (AP)

A Dolphins reserve is charged with allegedly choking a cab driver. (AP)

Ex-BU coach, and former Patriots assistant, Chris Palmer is the sacrificial lamb -- for now -- in Tennessee. (AP)

49ers wide receiver and return man Kyle Williams "regrets to inform y'all I will be out for the season with a torn ACL." Ah, Twitter. (AP)

How much do you think Buffalo Wild Wings would have had to pay for all the free publicity it got Sunday? (Pro Football Talk)

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