Wakeup Call: L.A. apparently means 'Losing Always'


Wakeup Call: L.A. apparently means 'Losing Always'

Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Wednesday, October 31:

No, no, baseball Gods! That D-word you might have heard . . . it didn't come from San Francisco! We swear! (CSN Bay Area)

Attention, dinosaurs: The Giants' victory wasn't a repudiation of Moneyball, despite what some of you seem to think. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Did you really think Jim Leyland wouldn't manage the Tigers in 2013? (AP)

They say offense sells tickets but defense wins championships. If so, we now have a clearer understanding of the Orioles' surprising surge in 2012. (CSN Baltimore)

Available: Former dominant closer. True handyman's delight. (CSN Houston)

Maybe Ricky Romero's struggles weren't John Farrell's fault, after all. (AP)

Dodger catcher A.J. Ellis, his wife, and his newborn daughter have a story they can tell for the rest of their lives. (Hardball Talk)

Rick Pitino achieves Coach for Life status -- just about -- at Louisville. (AP)

Urban Meyer is down with the NCAA's tough new sanctions on rule-breakers. (AP)

Bill O'Brien gets an A-plus from his boss for his first year on the job at Penn State. (AP)

Attention, Stanford: It's never a good sign when you plan to start alternating quarterbacks nine games into the season. (AP)

The iron curtain isn't soundproof, Bill Snyder. Thanks to social media, we now know that Kansas State linebacker Tre Walker is out for the season. (AP)

At last, some money coming in! (AP)

Raffi Torres is under fire for a blackface Halloween costume, but he insists it was just a tribute to Michael Jackson, "one of my fave artists," and anyone "saying its racist is crazy!" (NBC's Pro hockey Talk)

My, things sure are different in Moscow, aren't they Alex? (CSN Washington)

The lockout has turned ex-Bruin Joe Corvo into his "wife's personal assistant." With the kids, with the kids . . . (Pro Hockey Talk)

Tyler Seguin's new teammate, Patrick Kane, has a nice Swiss League debut. (Pro Hockey Talk)

The Czech team whose fans directed racial taunts at Wayne Simmonds has been fined . . . though for what, I don't know. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Well, well. We're now into the regular season, and the Lakers are still winless. (AP)

David Stern finds it tough to tell these massive hurricanes apart. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Yeah, Dan, you probably should have thought that one through a little. (AP)

But at least this year's off to a good start, right? (AP)

A sore knee has Danny Granger out indefinitely. (AP)

Four more years! Four more years! For Ty Lawson, that is. (AP)

Stand proud, Anthony Davis: You know you've made it when Ludacris goes out for Halloween dressed as you and your unibrow. (NBC's Off The Bench)

The Steelers don't anticipate any changes to their scheduled 4:25 p.m. kickoff in New Jersey against the Giants Sunday, despite the devastation that Hurricane Sandy delivered to the area. (AP)

The vultures circling the reeling Panthers have their eyes on Steve Smith. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

The reeling Jaguars, meanwhile, have sent Mike Thomas to Detroit as a replacement for Nate Burleson. (AP)

As for Steven Jackson, he's staying put. Or so say the Rams. (AP)

49ers to NFL: C'mon. Give Alex the record. (Pro Football Talk)

Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie has his financial problems, it's true. But he says a 375,000 tab at a strip club isn't one of them. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Who says there's no offense in soccer? (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk)

Felger vs Howe: Should Patriots sign Adrian Peterson?

Felger vs Howe: Should Patriots sign Adrian Peterson?

Mike Felger and Jeff Howe disagree on whether bringing in Adrian Peterson would deb a good move by the New England Patriots

Highlights: Boston Celtics 109, Indiana Pacers 100

Highlights: Boston Celtics 109, Indiana Pacers 100

Catch the highlights of the Boston Celtics 109-100 win over the Indiana Pacers at home and hear from Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, and Al Horford.