Wakeup call: Ichiro's Yankee debut; soccer at Wrigley?


Wakeup call: Ichiro's Yankee debut; soccer at Wrigley?

Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Thursday, Tuesday, July 24:

Ichiro's first day as a Yankee went pretty well. (AP)

How bad was the Ryan Dempster trade-rumor fiasco yesterday? It gave Dale Sveum the opportunity to lecture reporters about responsible journalism. (CSN Chicago)

The Phils are trying -- hard -- to sign Cole Hamels. (CSN Philly)

What's the most interesting thing about the Anibal Sanchez-to-Detroit trade (besides the fact that it blew the Sanchez-to-Boston rumors out of the water almost as soon they began)? It was the first deal in baseball history that involved the swapping of draft choices. (AP)

Sign of the times: Francisco Rodriguez apologizes on Twitter for blowing a save against the Phillies last night. (NBC's Hardball Talk) Funny, but I have a hard time visualizing Goose Gossage doing that.

The Rangers have lost Colby Lewis for the season. (AP)

Someone find Brian Wilson something to do, please. (CSN Bay Area) (NOTE: There are those who might consider this a little NSFW.)

Now the Magic say they may not trade Dwight Howard after all. (espn.com via NBC's Pro Basketball Talk) PBT's Kurt Helin calls this endless blatherfest "our Dwightmare", and, you know, who can argue?

What's New York without the N.I.T.? Thankfully, we're not going to have to find out. (AP)

Bobby Bowden's back on top of the NCAA coaching-victory list, but he takes no joy in the news. (AP)

The investigation is over, the penalties have been handed down, and damage control has begun at Penn State. (AP)

In what the cynical among us might call true training for the NFL, Michigan running back Fitz Toussaint was arrested over the weekend. (NBC's College Football Talk) It was for drunk driving and he's been suspended by the Wolverines.

Nothing new on Bobby Loo. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

Curtis Martin says he suffered "a lot" of concussions during his Hall of Fame career with the Patriots and Jets, and thinks it will be "impossible" for the NFL to convince players to come out of a game after they've suffered one. (NBC's Pro Football Talk) It's "just the mentality" of football players, he said.

Looks like Jeremy Shockey wants in on the dynasty. (CSN Philly)

Jonathan Vilma-vs.-the-NFL has the potential to become football's version of our Dwightmare. (AP)

On your next trip to Patriot Place, don't buy that Visanthe Shiancoe jersey just yet. (CSN Philly)

Dez Bryant's mother doesn't want to press charges against her son. (AP)

Looks like the Red Sox aren't the only baseball team trying to jam soccer down their customers' throats. (NBC's Pro Soccer Talk) Next thing you know, the Cubs will be in on NASCAR.

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