Wakeup Call: HOW old are the Lakers, Kobe?


Wakeup Call: HOW old are the Lakers, Kobe?

Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy andor interesting tidbits -- for Thursday, January 3.

The Rangers' philosophy when it comes to their wooing of Lance Berkman: If at first you don't succeed . . . (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Delmon Young and the Yankees would be a match made in, well, somewhere. But it ain't gonna happen. (Hardball Talk)

My only question: Why'd it take her a week? (AP)

Jim Boeheim passes Bobby Knight on the all-time victory list as Syracuse routs Rutgers. (AP)

Everyone figured the Sugar Bowl would be a blowout. Just not with Louisville winning, is all. (NBC's College Football Talk)

They were hardly back in the locker room, consoling themselves after their defeat, when Florida's Matt Elam and Sharrif Floyd declared for the NFL draft. (College Football Talk)

So did Utah's Joe Kruger, though not in a postgame scrum. (AP)

Notre Dame is reveling in its underdog status for the BCS Championship Game . . . but quietly. (CSN Chicago)

Come on. If you didn't like the Stanford band's Ode to Cheese in the Rose Bowl, then you don't know halftime shows. (NBC's Off The Bench)

Carl Pettersson is the latest to blast the ban on belly putters. (AP)

If you're looking for a sign that there might be hockey this year, how's this: The NHL reportedly is planing to open the shortened season with a Penguins-at-Flyers game on Jan. 19. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

And yet another: The NHLPA let pass the deadline to file a disclaimer of interest, which is perhaps an indication they see more hope in negotiating rather than litigating. (Pro Hockey Talk)

The ultimate Lakers scouting report, as delivered by Kobe Bryant: "We're old as s--t." (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Not the Heat; they had enough energy to take down the Mavs in overtime. (AP)

How can you tell you love basketball? You get ejected. At least that's Kevin Durant's theory, which he tested in the Thunder's loss to the Nets last night. (AP)

Ah, we knew it was too good to be true in Clipper Land. (AP)

Hmm. This Warriors-Clippers thing looks interesting. (CSN Bay Area)

Sad news: The son of Clippers owner Donald Sterling is found dead of an apparent drug overdose at age 32. (AP)

Out of nowhere, Ray Lewis announced his retirement yesterday. (CSN Baltimore)

And no one was more stunned than his teammates. (CSN Balltimore)

Now, however, they have their motivation for the playoffs. (CSN Baltimore)

On Tuesday, everyone had Andy Reid ticketed for Arizona. On Wednesday, he looked like he might be Kansas City-bound. Ah, the NFL coaching carousel. (CSN Philly)

The Godfather of the Spread Offense in Philadelphia? Maybe . . . (CSN Philly)

Not Coach Cowher, though. (CSN Philly)

You have to like a job candidate who enters the interview saying he's going to try to "knock your socks off". Buffalo, meet Ray Horton! (AP)

There's a lot of bad karma surrounding the 49ers as the playoffs begin. (CSN Bay Area)

There isn't anything Adrian Peterson can't do. Or thinks he can't do. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Can he play quarterback? The Vikings might need one Saturday. (AP)

How bad are things for Tony Romo? He's being consoled by a rookie. (Pro Football Talk)

Man, the Jets just can't win. First, they can't shut Rex Ryan up. Then they finally do, and they get in trouble with the NFL. (AP)

First 53-man roster projection for 2017 Patriots: Defensive back, receiver depth stands out

First 53-man roster projection for 2017 Patriots: Defensive back, receiver depth stands out

Like Bill Belichick says: jobs aren't won or lost during OTAs and minicamp. That doesn't mean we can't guess at who lands on the 53-man roster in September.

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