Waiting for Carl Crawford


Waiting for Carl Crawford

It's only Tuesday and I'm already Bobby Valenitine'd out for the week.

Honestly, I don't know what it is, but if I hear one more person write or talk about his criticism of players, his alleged beef with Ben Cherington or the fact that he invented the wrap, there's a good chance I lose my mind and start drop kicking strangers like I'm Izzy Alcantara.

It's a long season, guys. Everyone take a breath! And let's talk about something else: Carl Crawford.

From the moment we found out that Crawford had offseason wrist surgery, the expectation was that he'd start the season late. How late? We didn't know, but didn't expect it would be very long. Maybe a few weeks?

And while that wasn't ideal, we figured that would was still leave him enough time turn around his Red Sox career, before he's swallowed into the abyss with John Lackey, Dice-K and that mannequin in a baseball uniform standing awkwardly in the corner. (Oh wait, that's JD Drew.)

Anyway, these days there's still reason to believe that Crawford can find salvation. The Sox still expect him to be ready before the end of April, and that's more than enough time to have a season. Look at David Ortiz. He's taken April off for the last four years, and has still put up great numbers.

But while it might be too early to really worry about CC's season, let me just say that his recovery process have been exhausting. Check out this chronology of how Crawford's spent his spring, and try not to break a sweat. (Info from Rotoworld)

220: Carl Crawford is cleared to swing a bat.

221: Crawford takes 15 swings off a tee.

227: Crawford takes soft-toss swings.

33: Crawford concedes he may have pushed himself too soon.

34: Crawford has his sore left wrist examined by Sox doctors.

35: Crawford is shut down for 5-7 days.

39: Crawford makes 35 throws from a distance of 60 feet.

319: Crawford takes 20 swings off a tee.

321: Crawford doesn't swing, but runs the bases.

327: Crawford will do bunting drills.


Listen, I know that wrist injuries are delicate, and when you consider that Crawford thought taking 15 swings and some soft toss qualified as "pushing himself too soon," you can understand why the Red Sox have slow played his more recent work load.

So while I won't criticize the nature of his rehab (although when you read it all together, it's pretty funny), it goes without saying that we're still waiting for Carl Crawford to turn the corner on this injury.

That even though there's still hope that he can put this speed bump behind and have a respectable season, very little has happened to increase our optimism.

But hey, at least it took our minds off Bobby Valentine for almost 500 words.

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