You Guys: Draper sets the record straight

You Guys: Draper sets the record straight
June 6, 2014, 7:30 am
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Like Mike Giardi the other night, Kyle Draper was given the opportunity to sound off on a collection of sports topics.

The first topic is the idea that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.

"In my opinion, give me Joe Montana." said Draper. "I think Brady is a top guy, no doubt about that. But, let's not git it twisted, his postseason Super Bowl numbers aren't that great.

"If you look at Joe Montana, he's won all four Super Bowls he's played in, Tom Brady, 3-2." continued Draper. "Let's pump the brakes on him being greatest of all time."

Draper wasn't done

On LeBron James being a villain:

"LeBron James, to me is a top ten player of all time, and you guys always want to bad-mouth LeBron… So what, he made a decision. I could name twenty different NBA players who have done worse things in their career on the floor, off the floor. I just don't think the level of hate measures up to what LeBron actually did."

On Ray Allen:

"Get off of Ray Allen's back. We all know Ray Allen made the right decision. If we had a chance to leave our employer and go to what we think is a better one, we would do it… Ray Allen made the right decision. He saw the ship sinking, he hopped off and got to another one."

On fans:

"When their team gets eliminated, we act like the season is over, the sport is done. If the Bruins get eliminated, so what? Continue to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Watch the Rangers, watch the Kings. Don't act like, because your team is still not in it that nobody else cares.