Tanguay: Hernandez thinks he's innocent

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Tanguay: Hernandez thinks he's innocent
August 1, 2013, 9:15 pm
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The evidence has already piled up against Aaron Hernandez in the death of Odin Lloyd even before the case has reached the trial stage, but the murder defendant is adamant that he's innocent.

On Thursday TMZ uncovered a letter the former Patriots tight end penned in his jail cell, a written statement in which Hernandez fully vouches for his total lack of involvement in the Lloyd killing. 

Hernandez even goes as far as to say that those who turned on him (i.e. everyone) will "feel like crap" when the not guilty verdict comes down.

Gary Tanguay and WEEI's Kirk Minihane, via Uno Sports Tonight, offered their opinions on this latest piece of Hernandez news. 

Tanguay was blunt in his assessment.

"What I read into it is that he thinks he's innocent even though he might have put the bullet in the guy."

Minihane expounded a bit more on the words the 23-year-old scribbled together. As he saw it, the statements Hernandez made in that document bordered on the insane. 

"Delusion I think was my word," Minihane said. "Maybe [Ernest] Wallace pulled the trigger, maybe. But we all know that Hernandez was very, very, very seriously involved. There's nothing that suggests he's not." 

"Does he really believe he's innocent? If he does, he's nuts; he's completely crazy."