Tucker: Wouldn't rule Talib as savior


Tucker: Wouldn't rule Talib as savior

Aqib Talib's suspension is over which means he joined the team this week and has gotten right to work.

Based on how the Patriots secondary has looked thus far, he's going to have to be nothing short of amazing to change things around here.

But even is he's just somewhat effective, that'll be a big plus around these parts. NBC's Ross Tucker admits he's good at what he does, but don't expect him to be the Patriots' "savior".

"He's a very, very talented player, but I'll be curious to see how they play him," Tucker said. "Do they play him in a lot of zone coverage like he did in Tampa? Do they play him in man coverage because he has those skills? Obviously we'll see if he can stay clean off the field -- that's always been his biggest issue. I wouldn't look at him as a savior. As a Patriots fan, I'm looking at him like anything you can get from him is a positive."