Wild Card


I was at Fenway last night, and by looking at the crowd you never would have guessed that they were cheering for a team thats four games under .500.


A family wedding in New York prevented me from seeing most of this weekends mess at Fenway, but I could have been on Mars and still felt the frustration.


The best part of any walk-off home run is the celebration.

Its bigger than the home run itself. Its bigger than the victory. The walk-off celebration is bigger than baseball!


Celebrating a 3-2 week is like celebrating a baseball Wild Card birth. You dont want to get too crazy, because you know you could have done better. And you know you still have a long way to go.


By Michael Felger

Yes, the Patriots allowed just three points against the Jets.

But can we pump the brakes just a bit on the Pats defense?