Rich Levine


Somewhere along the space-time continuum, there’s a world where not very much has changed between the Celtics and Cavaliers, but the reality of this series is very different.


There are few things in the world more irritating and insincere than a Compliment Sandwich, and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end, you know exactly what I mean.


As a tribute to Brad Stevens, coach of the playoff-bound Celtics, today’s column is all business. No pleasantries. No frills. No fancy introductions. It’s just a sharp tie and a sensible haircut.


Last night in Miami, Dwyane Wade and the Heat choked away a huge halftime lead against the Bulls, and in the process, reinforced this little fact:


In case you missed the barrage of home runs in Philadelphia on Monday, the Red Sox are back — and for only the second time since 2010, they kicked off the season with a win.