Gregory Campbell


With the trade deadline passed and none of the Bruins shipped off elsewhere, the B's Shawn Thornton said it has reinforced the team's confidence that management believes in the group as currently


BOSTON – Gregory Campbell is back at full strength and it’s never been clearer than the past couple of weeks since the end of the Olympic break.


BOSTON – The Bruins had jumped back into their winning ways in the past few games, but still hadn’t truly felt like they were back to their style of winning hockey games.



BOSTON – The Bruins didn’t have many bright spots in their second loss in a row out of the Olympic break, but the Merlot Line stood head and shoulders above the rest of the roster.


BOSTON – It was almost two weeks ago that Gregory Campbell hopped in front of an Evgeni Malkin blast during a penalty kill shift, broke his right fibula, and courageously finished out his shift wi