Felger & Mazz


Patriots fans aren't the only ones still scratching their heads when they come to the realization that the Deflategate case is still under appeal.


Michael Felger says if the numbers incriminate the Patriots, they won’t be believed; and if the exonerate the Patriots, it’s makes the $5 million investigation a waste.


After Amir Johnson tackled Andre Drummond while fighting for a loose ball during Wednesday’s 99-94 loss, Celtics radio announcer Cedric Maxwell got into with his former nemesis: Rick “McNasty” Mah


So with the DeMarcus Cousins-to-the-Celtics talk apparently cooling, perhaps they’re eyeing another big man?


On Felger & Mazz, Tony Massarotti has some high-praise for Knicks rookie Kristaps Prozingis, saying that if he had a draft of the planet right now, he would be his first pick.