Brandon LaFell


FOXBORO -- Brandon LaFell stands facing out from his locker and smiles as he looks to his left. He knows how lucky he is to have the stall next to Tom Brady's.


The grass may not always be greener on the other side, but if the other side involves Tom Brady - there's a good chance it's pretty darn green.

Brandon LaFell can tell you that.


In this week's Patriots Mailbag, Abdullah Ahmed wants to know who the Patriots' most underrated player is this season.

Watch insiders Tom E. Curran and Mike Giardi debate. 


FOXBORO – That 26-yard throw from Tom Brady to Brandon LaFell on Sunday night that was lasered into LaFell’s belly before the defense knew it was en route?


FOXBORO -- The Patriots practiced inside the Dana-Farber Field House on Wednesday, escaping the moist conditions outdoors on the Gillette Stadium practice fields.