Thornton: "Belichick to me is Dumbledore"


Thornton: "Belichick to me is Dumbledore"

Things got a little magical on Felger & Mazz this afternoon when Jerry Thornton from Barstool Sports tried to describe the plan for the 2012 Patriots defense, which continues to get shredded on a weekly basis.

There appeared to be no explanation in our realm of reality, so Thornton reached into the world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to find a comparison to Bill Belichick.

"I just try to remember that Belichick to me is Professor Dumbledore. He's this kindly wise figure in a gray robe who does things in a mysterious way. And as the stories went on, the kids got furious at Dumbledore and they couldn't stand the way he was doing things, but in the end, he had a plan. And I just keep trying to remind myself that Belichick has a plan. It's not always revealed to me in the time I'd like it to be, but he can't just be flying by the seat of his pants."

Felger and Mazz voiced some concerns over the quality of Belichick's assistant coaches, and primarily note the lack of experience from the defensive coaches.

But Thornton says Belichick isn't looking for pedigree when he puts together his coaching staff. It's more important, says Thornton, that a coach is willing to work hard and fit into the system that Belichick is trying to implement - AKA - The Patriot Way.

In the end, Felger - yes, Felger - brought it all home by saying that at some point in the future, Patriots fans will look back on this time in the franchise's history and say "what were we bitching about?" For all the questions about the draft philosophy and the porous defenses, the Patriots still finish at 14-2 or 13-3 and fans can remember that they had it pretty good in New England during the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady years.

Andrew Benintendi leads Red Sox past Nationals in 8-1 win

Andrew Benintendi leads Red Sox past Nationals in 8-1 win

Andrew Benintendi excelled in his early-game action against Nationals starter Joe Ross in the Red Sox' 8-1 win. Benintendi finished the contest 2 of 2 with a triple and two RBIs. Dustin Pedroia helped Benintendi at the top of the lineup. Pedroia was 2 of 2 with a double and two RBIs.

Kyle Kendrick got the Red Sox pitching staff off to a strong start in his four-inning appearance. The 32-year-old righty had six strikeouts and allowed five hits with one earned run. Kendricks performance should ease some anxiety in Boston, as Drew Pomeranz headed to the disabled list.

Reliever Ben Taylor, 24, pitched the final two innings for the Sox, and had four strikouts with three hits allowed and no runs.

Chris Sale will pitch Friday for the Red Sox at 4:05 a.m against the Nationals.

Hernandez's fiancee: I learned to keep my mouth shut and not ask questions


Hernandez's fiancee: I learned to keep my mouth shut and not ask questions

BOSTON -- Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's fiancee testified in his double-murder trial Thursday that she learned to keep her mouth shut and "not to ask any questions" in certain situations.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez testified against Hernandez under a grant of immunity from prosecutors. She and Hernandez have a 4-year-old daughter. She said she took Hernandez's last name in 2015.

Hernandez is accused of fatally shooting two men in Boston in July 2012 after an encounter at a Boston nightclub. He is also charged with witness intimidation in the shooting of Alexander Bradley, allegedly to silence him about the killings.

Jenkins-Hernandez repeatedly said she could not recall details about conversations with Hernandez after the 2012 killings and after Bradley's shooting in 2013.

She said she didn't ask Hernandez for details about Bradley's shooting, even though Hernandez and Bradley were close friends.

"[Bradley] was not my friend . . . Yes, it's a sad situation [but] why should I press about something like that?" she said.

Jenkins-Hernandez also said she did not recall getting a call from Hernandez at 2:37 a.m. on July 16, 2012, minutes after prosecutors say Hernandez shot Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado as they sat in a car at a stop light in Boston. Prosecutors said phone records show a 17-second call from Hernandez to her at that time.

Hernandez has denied shooting the men. His lawyer told the jury during opening statements that Bradley shot the men over a drug deal.

Bradley testified he saw Hernandez shoot the men. He also said Hernandez shot him in the face months later after he made a remark about the Boston shootings.

Hernandez is already serving a life sentence after being convicted in the 2013 killing of a man who was dating the sister of Jenkins-Hernandez.