Tebowmania sweeps Denver


Tebowmania sweeps Denver

By Jon Fucile

The Denver Broncos finally realized, like so many teams before them, that Kyle Orton is just not very good. At all. Ever. So theyve turned to a man that many blind Broncos fans think is some kind of football Jesus.

The popular joke about Tebow right now among experts, other than his completion percentage, is that he is going to be the first virgin quarterback to make a start for an NFL team.

Calling the Broncos an NFL team is a tad generous but there is no way a starting college quarterback made it through college without a few... incidents. If Tebow is a virgin then Rick Dipietro is the most durable player in the NHL.

The real winner in the situation is Chad Henne, who has been spotted walking around Miami and gloating after Dolphins fans chanted We Want Orton during training camp. Seems like if your team is awful for long enough youll think a terrible quarterback from another team will make a difference. Maybe the Dolphins can go after Favre.

Which Bible verse discusses quarterbacks who are going to get hammered by opposing defenses in the coming weeks?