Tebow has high praise for Patriots' Hernandez


Tebow has high praise for Patriots' Hernandez

FOXBORO -- Many in New England now look at Rob Gronkowski when the words "tight end" come up in football conversations.

But in a conference call on Wednesday at Gillette Stadium, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow had some high praise for his former tight end at the University of Florida -- Aaron Hernandez -- who he played with from 2007-2009.

"Hernandez is a great player, and he makes any quarterback he's with a lot better," said Tebow. "He's just a phenomenal player. He's exciting to play with, and a great guy and a great teammate, and a competitor. He's one of those guys, when you need competitive excellence and you need someone to step up and make a big play, he's always ready and willing.

"I'm just proud of him for what he's done as an NFL player, and what he did with me at Florida. He's a guy that I definitely miss being around, but I'm happy for his success."