Tebow Fever


Tebow Fever

By Justin Aucoin

Its only Tuesday and already I cant take it anymore. Tim Tebow fever has taking hold of New England.

You cant watch any local sports TV station or flip on the radio without hearing Tim Tebows name being dropped. There are GOP candidates that wish they could get this sort of air time in Boston.

Its like a growing epidemic and its even infected this column. I apologize, but its really plaguing my sanity.

Just this morning I woke up and went to get dressed. When I looked in the mirror I almost crapped myself. Instead of the usually rugged and handsome fella Im greeted with every morning I see ugh


Hes clearly judging me for being Pastafarian.

After taking a shower to soothe the nerves I made myself some toast for breakfast. And what do I see? TEBOW!

At the office I grab a cup of coffee to wake up. Perhaps Im just over tired. But no! More Tebow.

After I work I went out to dinner with my girlfriend. Theres no solace in the world like being with a loved one right? I swear someone mustve laced my drink because she seemed a bit different as the night went on.

That damned Tebow was everywhere I looked. Hell, I even found him in the bathroom.

Oof. Saturdays game cant come soon enough so I can stop hearing and thinking about Tebow. It will end after Saturday, right?


Survey: Tatum likely to have best career of incoming NBA rookies

Survey: Tatum likely to have best career of incoming NBA rookies

BOSTON -- Danny Ainge has maintained that if the Celtics had held onto the No. 1 pick in last June’s draft instead of trading down two spots, he still would have made Jayson Tatum his choice.
That confidence that Tatum will be an impact player in this league is clear in the recent NBA.com rookie survey, which was released Tuesday morning.
While Dallas’ Dennis Smith Jr. was voted as the most likely Rookie of the Year, Tatum and Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball were tied with 18.4 percent of the votes, as the players who would have the best careers from this NBA rookie class.
The survey was compiled earlier this month at Panini’s NBA Rookie Shoot in Tarrytown, N.Y., and consisted of questions being asked of 39 rookies.
Tatum, selected by Boston with the No. 3 overall pick, did not finish in the top five in any other categories.
However, he was among those players to receive some votes for Rookie of the Year; biggest steal of the draft, and best playmaker.