Breer: Garoppolo's value won't be the same next year

Breer: Garoppolo's value won't be the same next year

Albert Breer joins Arbella Early Edition to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo and says that his value next year will probably be a fraction of what it is right now.

Jackson: Browns willing to do anything for next quarterback. . . except trade No. 1 pick

Jackson: Browns willing to do anything for next quarterback. . . except trade No. 1 pick

PHOENIX -- The Browns are willing to do whatever it takes to land a quarterback they believe in . . . unless they're asked to give up the No. 1 overall pick.

That's apparently off the table. 

"No," Browns coach Hue Jackson said with a laugh during the AFC coaches breakfast Tuesday at the Arizona Biltmore. "No. I can tell you 'no' on that one. No."

Though Jackson would not touch any queries as they related to Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo --  "I can't comment on anybody else's players on another team, especially not in this forum," he said -- Jackson was more expansive when I asked him if he'd be willing to part with one of his team's two first-round draft picks in order to land the right quarterback. 

"I think everything would be on the table to consider," Jackson said. "But you'd like to come to a consensus that that right guy is out there and can be on your team. Yeah, I think we'd do anything. If there was the possibility to put the right quarterback on our football team, there's no question on my mind we'd do anything and everything to do that."

Anything and everything but give up No. 1. 

For the Patriots, the top overall choice may not be enough for them to part with Garoppolo, a fourth-year quarterback they seem to believe is the ultimate insurance policy for soon-to-be 40-year-old Tom Brady. 

But if every player has a price, one would think the top choice in this year's draft would be a hell of a start in getting the Patriots to consider a trade. Instead, it's a non-starter for Cleveland. 

The Browns are in a good place right now when it comes to their ammunition in the draft. Over the course of the next two years, they have nine top-65 selections to help rebuild a team that went 1-15 in 2016. Though No. 1 might be off the table, Jackson said nothing about No. 12, which may be easier to part with knowing that the team is bursting at the seams with picks.

Jackson said the Browns can afford to be relatively patient when it comes to filling their need at the sport's most important position. The Browns have so many other spots they could improve in the short-term that for them solving the quarterback position doesn't need to be done in haste, he explained. 

"This is a team game," Jackson said. "It's not just the quarterback. And I know everybody feels that. And I have great respect for that. But this is a team sport. The best teams normally win. Not the best quarterback. Don't get me wrong, Tom Brady's the best there is, but the best teams normally win.

"We gotta understand where we are. We gotta kind of crawl before we can walk. We weren't even walking a year ago. We weren't even crawling. I think what's most important for us is, 'How do we really want to build this team moving forward?'

"We all understand and recognize that a quarterback is a huge piece of it, but I think you gotta make sure that it's the right fit, and at the right time for us. And we'll do that at some point in time. It's going to happen, whether it's this year or next year, and we all know that. But I think what's important to us to have sustainable winning is we gotta have the best team. I think that's important as we move forward."

For the Browns, it appears as though building the best team means holding onto No. 1 overall this year regardless of whether or not it would help them land their quarterback of the future. 

Report: Browns could make final run at Garoppolo at league meetings

Report: Browns could make final run at Garoppolo at league meetings

If the Browns are going to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, the place to do it would be in Phoenix early next week.

According to Tony Grossi of ESPN, the Browns could make another run at Garoppolo during the league's annual meetings, which begin on Sunday. All who would be involved in any potential trade discussions will be there, making it "fertile grounds" for a deal, Grossi wrote.


It's worth noting, which Grossi does, that there are several quarterback-needy teams that have signed veteran help at the position. The 49ers signed Brian Hoyer. The Bears locked up Mike Glennon. The Jets scooped up Josh McCown. All could be reasonable "bridge" options to get their teams to next year's draft, which is expected to be much deeper at quarterback. 

The Browns have stayed away from free-agent quarterbacks thus far, and though they acquired Brock Osweiler in a trade with the Texans, it's been reported that they plan to either trade or cut him. 

With two first-round picks -- No. 1 and No. 12 -- this year and nine top-65 picks over the course of the next two years, the Browns have more to offer the Patriots in terms of draft capital than any other team in the league. 

The Patriots aren't looking to shop Garoppolo, and ESPN's Adam Schefter has reported that Tom Brady's backup will not be dealt. Garoppolo will become an unrestricted free agent following the 2017 season, but the Patriots could attempt to extend him or give him the franchise tag designation before he gets to the open market.