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Morning Skate: Why NHL players hate analytics


Morning Skate: Why NHL players hate analytics

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while already hating my fantasy football team just a couple of weeks into things.

*Interesting look at why NHL players hate analytics and why most of them don’t even care what Corsi is or how it’s tabulated.

*Interesting piece on the play-by-play for Bruins radio, where over 200 applicants threw their hat in the ring to replace Dave Goucher as the voice of the Bruins. FOH (Friend of Haggs) Ryan Johnston is one of the finalists and has great on the call on Tuesday night, so count me as rooting for him to wind up getting the gig he’s worked his whole life for.

*This is actually a fairly thoughtful and well-researched blog post on the Blackhawks logo and why it’s unfair to claim that it’s racist using the same arguments as for the Washington Redskins or the Cleveland Indians.

*It’s unfortunate, but an arena conflict between the Flames and the city of Calgary is the same kind of thing that’s forced franchises to move in other NHL cities.

*Good piece from FOH (Friend of Haggs) Craig Custance about Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Sheahan and the bond he has with one Michigan family and one special little boy.

*Count the Winnipeg Jets among the teams that are going to have former NHL referees stop by training camp to give them the lowdown on slashing and face-offs. I think everybody understands the slashing enforcement, but this face-off stuff is ridiculous.

*For something completely different: I’ve enjoyed “Billy on the Street” while it’s been on TruTV, but it looks like it’s finding a new home soon.


Morning Skate: What would happen if the Coyotes moved?


Morning Skate: What would happen if the Coyotes moved?

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while getting back to the business of hockey next week.

*The Gila River Arena is beginning to show some prospects for the community of Glendale, but what would happen if the Coyotes franchise ever decided to pack up and leave?

*As a prospective baseball player, Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville makes one hell of a hockey coach.

*PHT writer Ryan Dadoun has the Colorado Avalanche announcing the signing of Harvard standout Alex Kerfoot, who had drawn interest from around the NHL.  

*Speaking of the Colorado Avalanche, University of Denver D-man Will Butcher is expected to make his decision this weekend and it’s possible he could circle back to the Avs. As I said a while back, the Bruins are not expected to be in the running given, from an organization standpoint, their overcrowded situation on the left side of their defense. They could use another stalwart top-four guy with some NHL experience on the left side to potentially pair with Charlie McAvoy, but Butcher really doesn’t fit that bill.

*Tyler Seguin says there are “no excuses” for the revamped Dallas Stars this upcoming season. That’s funny because I didn’t think there were really any excuses last season either but that didn’t stop them from completely sucking.

*For something completely different: "Batman" director Matt Reeves attempted to put out the fire on several Batman movie rumors, but he was pretty vague on some important ones. Like, is Ben Affleck going to actually be in these Batman movies and are they really going to be interconnected with the Justice League and other DC standalone movies? This feels like it’s going to end up being one big, giant letdown once fans learn the truth because I think this Reeves dude is going to be doing his own thing apart from the DC Extended Universe just when they’re beginning to get some traction with the Wonder Woman movie.


Morning Skate: Blackhawks get band back together


Morning Skate: Blackhawks get band back together

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while knowing that nobody will ever forget the courage and zest for life that 5-year-old Red Sox fan Ari Schultz showed in his far too short life. Rest in peace, little guy.  

 *PHT writer James O’Brien has the Chicago Blackhawks adjusting to the returns of both Brandon Saad and Patrick Sharp after their short stints away from the fold. It will be really interesting to see if the Blackhawks can recreate their magic by bringing some of the past Cup pieces to the scene after last year’s disappointing end.

*Ilya Kovalchuk is primed for a return to the NHL in 2018-19 after playing one more season, an Olympic season no less, in the KHL.

*Good piece by FOH (Friend of Haggs) Arpon Basu chronicling the day with the Cup in Montreal for Marc-Andre Fleury.

*Speaking of the Blackhawks, it sounds like Jonathan Toews is going to scale back on the “Captain Serious” approach to his hockey career this upcoming season.

*Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee is pleased with the state of his expansion team after looking at some of the pieces, and doing a little wheeling and dealing after the fact. I mean, you have to wheel and deal if you’re a hockey team in Vegas, right?

*Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar is relieved his new contract with the Winged Wheels will allow him to avoid arbitration.

*For something completely different: It remains to be seen whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but we’re completely in a culture where media entities are writing full stories about posters. Okay, I think this is a bad thing and my mind is already made up.