Sox add another dirt dog in Brock Holt


Sox add another dirt dog in Brock Holt

So what do you want to know about infielder Brock Holt, who's coming to Boston with Joel Hanrahan?

Well, for starters, he's happy to be here . . .

Excited to join the @redsox!!! Looking forward to being part of something special!!! RedSoxNation

Brock Holt (@BrockStar4Lyf) December 26, 2012
What else?

Well, here's his page for all his basic information. (His minor-league numbers are here, and good numbers they are.) But what about the story behind those numbers?

From Baseball Prospectus 2012:

His future is at second base and his grit is off the charts, but he has to hit for average and draw walks to make up for a lack of obvious tools.

A dirt dog!

And the guys at seem to like him, especially when compared to other Pirates middle-infield hopefuls.

The Sox hit the jackpot -- at least a little -- when they liberated Pedro Ciriaco from the Pittsburgh system last offseason, and maybe they'll get a similar return from Holt. In any case, expect him to get a decent look in Fort Myers this spring.