Fagundez, Agudelo developing close friendship

Fagundez, Agudelo developing close friendship
June 15, 2013, 9:30 am
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FOXBORO – Diego Fagundez hadn’t met Juan Agudelo before he joined the New England Revolution in May. It didn’t take long for the two, though, to click on the field as two of the team’s top scoring options. Back in the locker room, they were quickly developing a friendship outside the game.

“Since he’s joined the team we’ve definitely become close,” said Fagundez. “He sits right next to me so that helps a lot. He comes here every day and we’ll talk for a little bit about the game and what we can do to make ourselves better.”

The two forwards realized they shared many commonalities that made it easy to bond. They are the youngest players on the Revolution – Fagundez is 18 and Agudelo slightly older at 20. Agudelo joked about their common social activities.

“We can relate to each other a lot because we’re both under 21,” he said, adding with a laugh, “We’re just going to proms basically.”

The young players also have similar outlooks on soccer. Both grew up in South America before moving to the United States during their early childhood. Fagundez relocated from Uruguay when he was five, Agudelo moved from Colombia at age seven.

They got an early start being immersed in the sport. Fagundez recalls everything being about “soccer, soccer, soccer” in Uruguay. Agudelo remembers spending countless hours playing in the streets, only watching television to catch a Colombian soccer match.

They spent the first years of their soccer experiences learning a style from the same region which they can identify on the field today.

“We have very similar styles of play, which is South American,” said Agudelo. “I feel like it’s helping us in training and in the games.”

Echoed Fagundez, “I think we’ve got the same soccer brain. The speed, I think we’re similar players. He’s just a little taller than me (laughs) but I think that’s the only difference we have right now. We know what people want to do and what each player wants to do and that helps our team out. Juan’s just a great player to have next to you.”

Agudelo and Fagundez will continue to build upon their chemistry on the field and develop a friendship as two young pro athletes making a career in an adult’s world.

“We try to plan things to do while we’re here,” said Fagundez. “We’re going to go to the lake and have some fun over there.”