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While some believe New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will fight his four-game suspension all the way to federal court, Ron Borges believes he will eventually settle so it won't get that far.
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Steve Buckley is very critical of what he's seen from Red Sox left fielder Hanley Ramirez this season.
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Greg Dickerson says there's potential for the Boston Celtics to make a big trade thanks to teams that don't have a whole lot of picks.
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Bob Ryan doesn't see the result of Tom Brady's appeal going in the NFL's favor.
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Dan Shaughnessy explains why the Boston Red Sox shouldn't give up on Pablo Sandoval just yet.
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Will Tom Brady's appeal benefit from the media outlets picking apart the NFL's investigation?
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Of the four reigning championship teams - Patriots, Warriors, Blackhawks and Giants - will win the most titles over the next four seasons?
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The Sports Tonight crew give their top 5 NBA players in the last 30 years, and Bob Neumeier is forced to defend why he has LeBron on top.
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With the book closed on minicamp, Chris Price of WEEI says Rob Gronkowski's play has stood out from the rest.
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For once, says Steve DeOssie, Tom Brady isn't thinking about the Patriots. Brady's fight with the NFL is about his legacy.


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