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Michael Felger and Greg Dickerson discuss if they'd rather have Jacoby Ellsbury's contract instead of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval.
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Michael Felger, Greg Dickerson, Steve DeOssie and Andy Hart discus Greg Hardy’s comments after serving his suspension.
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Despite the missed call by the referees, Andy Hart says Lions fans should be blaming coach Jim Caldwell.
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Andy Gresh says the new extra point rule creates a greater gap between the good kickers and the not-so-good and things could be changing in the league if that gap remains.
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Steve Buckley joins Sports Tonight and says that none of the Red Sox young players are untouchable under Dave Dombrowski.
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Dan Koppen says Tom Brady "doesn’t even tell his teammates he’s hurting" and that’s what defines him as a tough quarterback
Our Sports Tonight crew debates whether the NFL has focuses on the offense at the expense of the defense.
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Bob Neumeier, Andy Gresh and Michael Felger break down what they would like to see out of the Red Sox this offseason.
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Steve Buckley joins Sports Tonight to discuss whether he sees Torey Lovullo as a manager in the MLB next season after what he's done with the Boston Red Sox this season.
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The Sports Tonight debate kicks off due to two impressive feats in the past month


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