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Andy Gresh joins Sports Tonight to give his take on whether the New England Patriots are where they should to be this preseason.
Our Sports Tonight crew debates whether one side is in the drivers seat in Tom Brady’s appeal.
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Michael Felger says the NFL's stipulation of Brady admitting guilt is "asinine" if the quarterback is willing to take a suspension of any kind.
Chris Price says Reggie Wayne will have to continue to play catch up and have a solid week of camp if he wants to make the roster.
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As the regular season approaches it's still unclear who will start opposite of Malcolm Butler at the other cornerback position.
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Whether it's Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo under center when the season opens, Andy Gresh knows it will have to be a complete effort from the Patriots to get the win.
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Andy Hart and Ron Borges join Sports Tonight to debate whether quarterbacks over the age of 30 are better than their younger counterparts.
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Michael Felger doesn't want Hanley Ramirez playing first base and he doesn't want him on the team come next season.
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This isn't the first time Curt Schilling has been in hot water over social media. And now Michael Felger has a suggestion for him.
Steve Buckley joins Sports Tonight to give his predictions for the Red Sox next season.


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