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With the Celtics season winding down, the guys on Celtics Talk TV turn their focus to this year's NBA Draft.
The guys from Celtics Talk TV discuss Kevin Durant's play lately, and other happenings across the NBA.
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Avery Bradley is a restricted agent at the end of this season. So, will he be back? We discuss on Celtics Talk TV.
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Jared Sullinger has proven to be one of the best young players on the Celtics. Can he be the next Kevin Love?
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What will Danny Ainge do at the trade deadline? What's he always do at the trade deadline? Make trades!
The guys break down what they've seen out of Rajon Rondo so far since his return from ACL surgery.
On this edition of Celtics Talk TV, the guys discuss what to do about Jeff Green.


About the Show

Celtics Talk TV is the web-exclusive weekly show on CSNNE.com on the Boston Celtics and NBA.

Hosted by Kyle Draper (@kyledrapertv), CSNNE.com Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely (@SherrodBCSN) and reporter/editor Jimmy Toscano (@Jimmy_Toscano) answer your Twitter questions, and discuss what's making news in the NBA.

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