Sanchez forgot the play he called?


Sanchez forgot the play he called?

Ron Borges says Mark Sanchez described the 'butt fumble' as a play on which he forgot the play he called.

"Mr. Magoo wouldn't have run into that man's butt," said Borges.

After the game, Sanchez claimed he 'had a different play in his head.'

Borges questions how any quarterback could forget a play he had just called in a huddle just a few seconds prior. He goes on to ask, "Can you think of any scenario where Tom Brady would be thinking of a play other than the one he just called?"

The answer is of course what separates Sanchez from Brady and the Jets from the Patriots.

BOSTON SPORTS TONIGHT PODCAST: Kristaps Porzingis on the move?


BOSTON SPORTS TONIGHT PODCAST: Kristaps Porzingis on the move?

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0:46 - Former Jets linebacker David Harris agreed to a 2-year deal with the Patriots. Manish Mehta from the NY Daily News calls in to BST to explain the impact that Harris left in New York and breaks down what’s going wrong for the Jets.

05:21- Joe Haggerty and Tom Giles break down why the Bruins lost Colin Miller in the 2017 NHL expansion draft.

09:05 - Evan Drellich sits with Michael Holley and Tom E. Curran as they try to understand the management of the Red Sox bullpen especially during the 8th and 9th innings.

15:07 - Tim Welsh joins the final segment to discuss the reports of Phil Jackson willing to move Kristaps Porzingis. What would happen if Porzingis ended up in Boston?