Rondo ejected as Celtics fall to Nets, 95-83


Rondo ejected as Celtics fall to Nets, 95-83

BOSTON Winning the Atlantic Division for years has been a given for the Boston Celtics.
Not any more, not with vastly improved teams in the division like the Brooklyn Nets who defeated the Celtics 95-83 on Wednesday.
As much as the focus going into this game was on both teams trying to improve their status as one of the top teams in the East, that became an afterthought with 29.5 seconds to play in the second quarter.
That is when Kevin Garnett was fouled by Kris Humphries, and an incident involving players from both teams spilled into the front row near the Celtics bench.
When the dust finally cleared, Rajon Rondo was ejected along with Humphries and Gerald Wallace for Brooklyn.
And with his ejection, Rajon Rondo's double-digit assists streak is over at 37, which ties John Stockton for the second-longest streak in NBA history.
Rondo had six points and three assists.
Despite winning the division each of the last five seasons, Celtics head coach Doc Rivers says he doesn't pay much attention to it.
"I honestly don't look at it (division standings)," Rivers said. "I really don't. I know it's a lot of good teams. Philly and Brooklyn, New York, I mean everybody is pretty good now. But I honestly can't tell you where anyone's at. I never look."
That's a good thing right now, because the C's (8-7) are looking up to a lot of teams -- and there's nothing good about that.
As for Brooklyn, they have now won both matchups with the Celtics, the kind of success that can not be ignored.
Leading the way for them on Wednesday was a surprisingly strong showing from their bench.
Andray Blatche had 17 points and 13 rebounds while veteran Jerry Stackhouse chipped in 17 which included five 3-pointers.
"I know my role here," Stackhouse told earlier. "Wherever they need me to fit in, that's what I'm going to do. For me at this point in my career, it's all about winning."
As for the C's, Brandon Bass and Kevin Garnett each had 16 points. Pierce had 14 points and nine rebounds, in addition to a team-high seven assists.

David Ortiz has new interpretation of 'spring training'

David Ortiz has new interpretation of 'spring training'

Big Papi's "spring training" involves a beach chair -- not a baseball bat.

The former Boston Red Sox slugger made it clear on Instagram that he has no interest in returning to Jet Blue Park to begin training for the 2017 MLB season.

He announced in Nov. 2015 he would be retiring after the 2016 season, and he appears completely content with that decision despite speculation of his return to MLB. Ortiz posted a video on Sunday of himself in a beach chair reclined and relaxed.

"What's up [Instagram]. Oh, so good be retired. At the beach with the familia, the ladies. Big Papi in the bulding. This is my spring training. How 'bout dat? Enjoy. See you when I see you. Peace," he said, and then chuckled.

Ortiz's video came a few days after Hanley Ramirez said that if Ortiz made a return to baseball, he would be doing it, in part, for Ramirez, because they miss each other.

WBZ's Dan Roche then tweeted out Ramirez's comment on Thursday, and Big Papi waited no time to respond. Within 16 minutes, Ortiz had responded to reiterate he would not be returning to the Sox.

Wojnarowski thinks Celtics are perfect candidate for Jimmy Butler trade

Wojnarowski thinks Celtics are perfect candidate for Jimmy Butler trade

Most NBA teams would benefit from adding Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler. But few NBA have the assets to acquire him. The most legitimate suitor in the NBA resides in Boston.

"The potential of a Boston-Chicago deal for Jimmy Butler -- I think it will loom over the entire week," Yahoo! NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski said Saturday. "These teams have engaged on the potential of this trade. They have not gotten far down the road on it. There still needs to be alignment within the Bulls organization -- from ownership to management -- that they want to make the decision to enter a full rebuild.

He added: "But the poential of this deal really illustrates the State Farm right combo, because these are two teams that have exactly what the other wants. Boston has been hoarding assets for years for a couple of season, trying to get in the position to get a star player."

Wojnarowski suggested the first building block for the Butler trade would start with either the 2017 or 2018 Brooklyn Nets' first-round pick, which the Celtics acquired in 2013 in the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade.

"And Jimmy Butler in Boston, paired with Isaiah Thomas and this Celtics team -- it would put this Celtics team in a position to seriously challenge Cleveland [Cavaliers] in the east, not only in the short term, but also in the long term."

Butler's contract extends to 2020, and then Wojnarowski explained Boston could then sign the guard to another long-term deal. In the meantime, he could help Boston surpass a vulnerable-looking Cavaliers team.