Rivers: Son Austin undecided on going pro


Rivers: Son Austin undecided on going pro

PHILADELPHIA According to published reports, Duke freshman Austin Rivers is leaving Duke after just one season.

But his father, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, said his son has not made a decision on whether to turn pro.

"I heard the reports," Doc Rivers said. "But he hasn't decided yet."

Doc Rivers added that one day his son is leaning one way with his decision, and another day he's leaning in the opposite direction.

Players have until April 10 to make a decision, which is why Doc Rivers expects his son to make a decision "soon."

The whole situation is unique, to say the least.

Rivers is a father first, but he's also an NBA head coach whose livelihood depends in part on the C's front office adding quality players like his son Austin, one of the most heralded freshman in the country this past season.

From Doc Rivers' perspective, the worst thing that can come out of all this is that his son returns to Duke University.

"It's good that he has choices," Doc Rivers said. "We'll see. It'll be soon."

The decision Austin made on choosing Duke was a difficult one, one in which his father was involved.

As far as Austin's decision on playing in the NBA, Doc Rivers said his involvement is no greater or less than it was when it came time to choose a college.

"All you can, with all your kids or any kid in this situation, give them as much input as you can," Doc Rivers said. "And you try to let them make the decision. They have to make it; you can't make it for them."

Austin Rivers is projected to go somewhere around the middle of the first round, which could potentially have him available when it's time for the Celtics to make their first round selection.

"That would be interesting; that would be very interesting," Rivers said. "I don't think I'm legally allowed to say it until he makes a decision. Otherwise I'd get fined for talking about my son."

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