Rivers doesn't see any trades on the horizon


Rivers doesn't see any trades on the horizon

Imagine working your hardest and best all week while in the back of your mind there was a chance you'd be shipped off to the other side of the country on a moment's notice.

It would be tough, wouldn't it?

OK . . . now imagine you're getting paid millions and millions of dollars to do it.

Not so tough anymore, huh?

That's the case every season with the NBA trade deadline, and over the years the Celtics have been relatively active.

Regardless, it's pretty clear that if it were up to Doc Rivers, no Celtics players -- or at least the starting unit -- would be traded this season. He has stood by his players multiple times this season, when it would be easy to put the blame on him for some pretty bad losses. Speaking on WEEI Wednesday morning, Rivers again said he'd be surprised if any major moves came.

I dont expect anything big to come down," Rivers said. "I wouldn't be shocked if nothing came down, to be honest."

Rivers isn't sitting shotgun next to Celtics president Danny Ainge when it comes to trading, but if something becomes more serious, he will get the word.

"Danny brings it to me when it's at a point where it can be discussed and it's a possibility," Rivers said. "I really don't want to be involved in all the different scenarios. Every once in a while he'll come in and say, 'Hey listen, this may not happen but there's a chance we can do this. Would you go further with this?'"

But with all the talk around this time, are players letting it get to them?

"I don't think so. You don't hear much about it," Rivers said. "You know, when the whole Rondo stuff was up there was a lot of talk, obviously. But other than that, the guys are pretty good. Now listen, the guys that people are talking about are veterans. You hear Ray Allen's name, you hear Paul's name. And honestly I don't think any of that will happen. So they've been through it through their career. So it probably bothers them less than it would some of the younger players."

But with this year's Celtics team, a game like Wednesday night's doesn't give much hope to a run at the playoffs. But at the same time, they had four solid wins before Wednesday night. The lockout-shortened season isn't ideal for this veteran squad, but Rivers feels like getting to the playoffs -- and hopefully avoiding that seventh or eighth seed -- is all the C's need, and suddenly they get on a less hectic playing schedule.

"This is a tough year to try to judge. And I think it's tough really guys because of the season. The amount of games, I don't think you see the best quality every night. I think with us it affects us more in some ways because of our age and who we are. But we also know that if you get to the playoffs, and you're healthy and rested -- because the playoffs you get more rest.

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